Frequently Asked Questions

Guardians of the student should click on the button that says “Apply Now.” This will redirect you to the application page where can apply for the program.

Once the student signs up with the provider of their choice.

It depends. If a participating program sells equipment, then you can use the My Spark Card for that purchase. The card cannot be used at retailers or with programs that are not participating in My Spark Denver. You may also be able to purchase credit for future programming at an approved provider.

No, the My Spark Card does not pay for travel expenses but RTD is offering Zero Fare for Youth.

The debit card is only for the use of the individual middle school student who is approved. If your sibling or friend is also in middle school, they can apply to obtain their own My Spark Card.

Your debit card has $1,000 pre-loaded on to it. You will need to pay for any amount over $1,000 with your own money or a scholarship from the provider, if that’s offered.

If you lose your My Spark Card, call the MoCaFi support center at 1-800-342-7374 to get a new card.

Yes, you can use the funds with multiple providers until the $1,000 is spent.

Cards are issued to parents/guardians.

Families will have to work with the specific provider they sign up with in order to see if a refund or cancellation credit is possible.

My Spark providers are required to pass background checks and at least one staff member who is present during My Spark activities must have CPR certification.

We encourage all participants to try out something new that might spark an interest, even if it isn’t your first choice. If there is a program you wish to see as a My Spark Denver option in the future, please contact us at

You should receive your My Spark card within six weeks of your application getting approved. Depending on demand, there could be a delay in issuing your card. If there is a delay, you will receive a email letting you know that your card may arrive later than expected.